Thursday, 18 October 2012


She's beautiful and has a heart of gold. I wanted to take portraits to get back into the swing of it, and she was a willing victim.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Visiting Cambridge

I packed up my bags the night before so that I could grab them at quarter to seven on thursday - heading out to get the early bus. It drove down Nicholson St with its blue lights still on, in the semi-dark, and I sat in nervous excitement in the front seat. I got off of North Bridge and walked down to Waverley - navigating its labyrinths - and I didn't have to wait long before I was sat in coach D, headed towards Peterborough. I saw the sun rise over the Edinburgh outskirts. 

At Peterborough I grabbed coffee and a blueberry muffin, four hours later. The coffee was terrible and ended up in a Cambridge bin. The last hour was a little arduous, knowing I was so close but still not there yet. 

On the other end, I got a bus from the station. It stopped in an area of Cambridge I faintly recognised, and everyone hopped off but me and a young couple. They asked me if it terminated there, but I had no idea. We all got off, and a little dazed, I began to walk for King's college. Within seconds, I'd been grabbed by a figure from behind - my initial alarm gave way to joy as I turned and saw Rose, and it was wonderful to see such a familiar, friendly face, during such an unfamiliar time. We went to her flat for a little while, then walked back to Kings, passing the central market, and sat and waited for a few moments. 

We alternated pictures on my childish disposable camera, like tourists. 

Seeing Thomas walk towards us, my heart leapt. I ran from Rose mid sentence into his arms, and was whisked off my feet. Being back felt like everything was fixed the way it should be again. 

We got smoothies and milkshakes, then headed back to Jesus College, for a tour. 

This is one of my favourite ever photos, because I can still feel that same sense of overwhelmed happiness.

Within what felt like moments of being in Jesus College, Prince Edward landed on the green in his helicopter - we even got to speak to him briefly. 

Formally attired, we headed to Evensong in the chapel - the most angelic music I've ever heard, and a real experience! 

We ambled round Cambridge in the pouring rain that night, and found a small Greek takeaway - pizza and onions for me, veggie burger for Thomas. 

The next morning, we wandered around, and I met Megan for a chat at Queens, then we headed for coffee, soon to be joined by Rose and Thomas. It was lovely company, so familiar, and so easy. 

Afterwards, Thomas and I spent awhile cooking - one of our favourite pastimes - Tuscan soup and Italian bread - delicious. 

We walked around the city, went to cafe nero, just enjoyed one another's company. Thomas had rehearsals most of the night and I got a little of my essay done (finally finding the motivation to work in his company). 

I rose bright and early the next day for my train, only leaving on the understanding that it won't be long until he's here, back in my company. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I thought perhaps I should finally update with some shots around Edinburgh, and some of my adventures.